About This Workshop

Music . Dance . Movement — Essential mechanisms and mediums of human expression and connection. 

Participants will be given an opportunity to understand the connection of music to the body in a safe environment, and explore the power of music and movement as self-expression and for healing. As well as how a DJ harnesses music for control of energy!

  • The power of music in shifting and feeling emotions, how it can synthesize different cultures/ beliefs/ religions into a common language
  • Understand what a DJ does to harness music for control of energy
  •  The healing properties of music (sound healing) – coupled with movement, music draws out our inner worlds more and embodiment is a form of healing

What You Will Need

  • Space for Movement
  • Sound speakers
  • Get ready for the Music that will be vibrating your way
  • Access to Zoom
  • Working Webcam

More information will be given to registered participants via email.

About the Facilitators

Sek Sheng, also known by his DJ stage name ‘Dr Foo’ is a returning MWF Facilitator. An avid Yogi, Music lover and creative explorer, Sek Sheng has immersed in and also completed various courses on sound healing, yoga, meditation, music production and DJing in an ever evolving journey.

As a conscious DJ, Dr Foo curates music and holds space for people to delve into deeper aspects of their self, process raw emotions and forge new connections within or without. He believes that sound is a universal language that can awaken our innate power and connection with all, and serve as a fun and sacred medium for healing and understanding. He emphasises on the importance of owning our darkness and roots before true healing and expansion can occur.

His music interweaves different musical elements such as electronic (downtempo, progressive, house, trance, healing frequencies) with world music instrumentals such as flutes, handpans, tablas, harp, singing bowls, beautiful mantras across various cultures as well as nature sounds.

Starting as an underground club DJ over 10 years ago, Dr Foo has since evolved to playing music for Conscious Dance, holistic healing, yoga and community based events. He is also integrating more live instrumentals into his sets, and embraces working with diverse collaborators and communities.

Check out his sounds here: https://soundcloud.com/drfoo

He will be collaborating with Tejas for expression in dance and movement.

Tejas is a dancer and youth theatre practitioner currently reading his second year, BA(Hons) in Acting at LASALLE College of the Arts. He has received his acting, performance training and experiences from a young age, appearing in public programs and community events. Tejas is also a return facilitator for “Self Expression thru’ Theatre” workshop at MWF 2021, which was popular and well received in June. 

Acting has always been a form of self-expression for Tejas as well as his passion for dance. As an alumni for School Of the Arts Singapore (SOTA), he led a social service project working with seniors at Thye Hwa Kwan Moral Care Centre, using the arts as social intervention. Following that, he conducted a drama-based workshop for children from the children’s cancer foundation as part of a 3-days arts based camp. Children were introduced to the arts as a tool of expression, taught improvisational techniques and basic scene building. He has since continued to work on merging the arts and social causes projects with other like minded youths. He aspires to bring theatre to the heartlands of Singapore, and to make it more accessible.