Jointly organised by Mental Health Collective SG and Over The Rainbow, Parenting and Mental Wellbeing Fireside Chat on 28 Nov 2021 was part of The Next Step For Us: Mental Health Conference.

Mental Health Collective SG is a ground-up initiative that aims to centralise and collate service/advocacy efforts in the Singapore mental health scene.

The fireside chat features Wong Lai Chun, OTR Listens Director, and Vyda Chai, Clinical Psychologist of Think Psychological Services as the panelists, with our very own Co-founder, Chow Yen-Lu, as the host of the program.

The fireside chat highlights the nuances of parenting and mental wellbeing. We discussed common life transitions, coping methods, and mental health issues youth experience in their foundational years. Questions from the audience had also been answered during the fireside chat. Catch the full fireside chat webinar here.