An important way of cultivating positive and nurturing relationships with others is to develop strong skills of social interaction:

Here are a few tips for you to consider:

1. Pay attention to BODY LANGUAGE

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2. Acquire humorous and playful communication skills

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As the saying goes, “Laughing is the best medicine.” When we laugh and play in the face of life’s hardships and frustrations, we are able to relieve our stress, lift our moods, and restore our nerves.

Your ability to adopt a humorous and playful stance in your communication with others is a reflection of your ability to cope with life difficulties by reframing situations with a light-hearted perspective.

What are the advantages of humorous and playful communication?

How to cultivate the skills of humorous and playful communication?

3. Learn how to resolve conflicts without burning bridges

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Conflicts are an integral part of relationships. After all, we cannot expect two unique individuals to agree with one another at all times.

Though many of us tend to perceive conflicts as negative, we should view them as learning opportunities for two (or more) people to learn how to interact and collaborate with one another.

When we are able to resolve conflicts in a positive way, we cultivate trust and strengthen the quality of our relationships.

How to resolve conflicts constructively?