In our effort to raise awareness and promote the importance of holistic self-care, Over-The-Rainbow has conducted many mental wellness workshops and our founder Yen-Lu has been invited to talk at many events by various organisations. 


Here are some examples of the work we have been doing over the years.


past work - yen-lu at TEDxYouth@SJI

July 8th 2017

Yen-Lu was invited as a speaker to give a thought-provoking speech on the story of Over-The-Rainbow, the importance of mental wellness and the value of life. Watch the video of his speech here.

past work - otr at nus outreach

OTR Outreach at NUS
March 18th 2017

The National University of Singapore Mental Health Wing organised a dialogue with undergraduates. Surrounding the theme “Heroes: Recognizing Efforts, Inspiring Action!”, the dialogue aimed to recognise the efforts of volunteers, inspire participants to take action and contribute to raise awareness, reduce stigma of mental health issues. Yen-Lu, OTR’s founder, was one of the panellists in the discussion. He shared about OTR’s journey, mission, vision and challenges.

past work - volunteer training

Volunteer Training
August 20th 2017

As part of a series of workshops to prepare volunteers with necessary skills to become peer helpers and Guardian Angels, we continued our volunteer training with two half-day sessions on Active Listening and Empathic Communication, Counselling, Mentoring & Coaching and Mental Health First Aid.

past work - spiritual growth

Being with Your Higher Self Meditation for Spiritual Growth
May 28th 2017

“Spiritual Growth” means growth through connecting with your Higher Self and to a Higher Power – The Divinity within. In this workshop, Yuchih shared with us about Higher Self, how we could connect and be with our Higher Self, how to bring light and harmony into our life and relationships. We also learned guided meditations to assist us in acquiring the techniques.

Express Yourself Through Drawing
with Yee Ling and Catherine
May 29th 2016

Drawing is a means for us to release our inner voice, yearnings, desire. Through art, we find a way to express ourselves, realise our dreams and open doors to new possibilities. In this workshop, participants learned to express their feelings, hope, imagination using colors and shapes. We hope that you enjoyed the session with Yee Ling and Catherine!

Talking Point, MediaCorp Channel 5

October 24th 2016

OTR was invited to participate on MediaCorp Channel 5 “Talking Point”, an English current affairs program that explores hot topics of the day. This was a special forum on the topic of “Teen Suicide: Can it be Prevented?”. OTR co-founder Yen-Lu shared the OTR story and its initiatives in youth mental wellness, and participated in the panel discussion on this very important topic. Other panelists included Dr Ong Lue Ping, Principal Clinical Psychologist at IMH and Irene Ang, CEO of Fly Entertainment and a suicide survivor. The Talking Point program was telecast on October 27.

Embodying the Heart – a Journey in Stillness and Movement, with Sound Healing by Elaine Ho and Amanda Ling
May 29th 2016

The workshop was a healing journey of movement, stillness meditation and singing bowls meditation. With a calming movement practice, combined with to soothing sound of Tibetan singing bowls, we entered the state of stillness, peace and mindfulness to reconnect with our souls, de-stress and attain calm, joy and happiness.

Mindful Parenting & Stress Management

December 2016

OTR had a talk at Jurong Spring Community Club on mindful parenting and how parents can manage stress in daily life especially with adolescent children. It was great to meet and share our experiences with parents.