November 5 was truly a day to be remembered, as we celebrated the 5-year anniversary of Over-The-Rainbow! Almost 100 guests – including partners, volunteers, supporters, friends, members of the community and media were present – to help us celebrate this milestone event.

Channel News Asia was also there and filmed the entire event as part of a larger documentary film they’re producing on mental health in Singapore.

We walked down memory lane and celebrated the many achievements over the past 5-years, giving recognition to express our gratitude to the many partners and volunteers who have been with us and who contributed their valuable time and energy to this worthy cause. There were also sharing by volunteers and partners on the journey of co-creation in mental wellness. Together we’ve embarked on this amazing journey to transform mental wellness for the 21st century. 

We marked this anniversary with the release of the TEDX video on The Story of Over-The-Rainbow, the launch of our new Holistic Change-Makers program for young people of Singapore, a newly revamped OTR website, a commemorative 5-year anniversary issue of Rainbow Connection magazine (you can download your own digital copy!) and a special edition of OTR 2018 calendar with curated inspirational quotes for each month. (Yes, the commemorative Rainbow Connection magazine and calendar are available for sale – they make great gifts for the holiday while contributing to a worthy cause. Email us at if you’re interested!)

The kids of Singapore Creations were there and performed three wonderful songs to help us celebrate this momentous occasion, and got the crowd to sing along too!

We concluded the event with the launch of a new theme song “Stay Sensitive” – created by a world-renowned, very talented and passionate group of international artists and musicians. Watch this space as we prepare to launch this theme song globally – to raise awareness for mental wellness and get everyone to sing along too!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We have now taken several steps on this journey – there is still ways to go and a lot more to do. But we have come a long way – very much encouraged by the impact felt and progress made so far!

Thank you for being on this journey with us.