Our deep and broad experiences in the mental health space over the past 10 years inform us that a strong foundation in mental wellbeing is rooted in good self-care habits that is holistic and transformative — complemented by a community-based model of care with trained Wellbeing Champions leading the way, whether at home, in the school, out in the community or in the workplace — supplemented by the traditional counselling and psychotherapy for those who need acute mental health care. At OTR we call this the Circle-of-Care – that the journey in mental wellness begins with each of us – within us. It begins the moment we decide to take personal responsibility for our own mental wellbeing, supported on this journey by the ecosystem of friends and family, peers, wellness guides, mental health professionals and experts.

A Wellbeing Champion is first and foremost a role model in the community who takes responsibility for his / her own mental wellbeing through self-care practices that create positive change on the inside. The change manifested within then radiates outwards — from the core to the shell—inside to the outside—enabling you to care for and serve those around you better—to become a more effective and aware mental wellness care-giver and wellness guide for others in the community.

Mental wellness is not just the absence of mental illness, but the attainment of happiness and wellbeing. To create positive change in your mental world — to enhance your mental wellbeing — you need to start by looking within — tuning into your body, your breath, your mind — getting your inside right. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. This is a journey in Holistic Self-Care — a journey in self-discovery, healing and transformation. 

Holistic self-care is about taking care of yourself physically, by listening to your body, getting sufficient sleep, ample exercise, good nutrition, healthy dose of sunshine, daily meditation; intellectually, by maintaining a sense of curiosity, an appetite for learning new things, staying hungry and foolish; emotionally, by letting go of toxic emotions, cultivating positive emotions of loving-kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity, appreciation, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, contentment, and inner peace; socially, by making time for family and friends, giving support to and accepting support from others, contributing to the community, volunteering for a cause you believe in; and spiritually, by living authentically – acting from your Deepest Truth, connecting to your Highest Self – knowing that we’re all connected – finding purpose, meaning, fulfilment.

Getting your inside right is first and foremost about knowing yourself — truly and deeply; uncovering your core values and strengths — your motivations and aspirations — fining your inner voice. It’s shining a light on your inner shadows, reconciling with past hurt towards healing and wholeness. It’s developing, mastering, and harnessing your inner resources — your heart and mind – your thoughts and emotions – to serve your best self – making the mind your trusted friend. It’s creating your own inner allies – rediscovering your inner light and creative sparks. It’s taking responsibility for your own wellbeing – doing something today that your future self will thank you for.

The change manifested within then radiates outwards—from the core to the shell—inside to the outside. By gaining a greater awareness of your own thoughts and emotions, your motivations and aspirations, you will naturally become more aware of others’ emotions and motivations. Combined with Empathic Communication skills — to communicate more deeply and effectively through empathy, deep listening, asking learning questions, balancing asking vs. telling, etc —  and foundational Mentoring skills — to become a more effective and aware mental wellness care-giver and wellness guide for others in the community — turning community care into a common reality.

Foundational Modules

The following set of four foundational modules form the core of our teachings for the Wellbeing Champion: Mental Health 101, Self-Care 101, Others Care 101, and Psychological First Aid 101.

Mental Health 101 

Duration: 60-90 min (customizable to your requirements)

Mental health is an integral part of our health. While various factors in our day to day life and/or life crisis can cause poor mental health, there are also predispositions, genes, and trauma that causes mental health issues/ illnesses.

Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Common Causes and Types of Mental Health Issues among Youth
  • Facts and Myths
  • Signs and symptoms of the common Mental Health issues
  • What to do to support

Self-Care 101 

Duration: 60-120 min (customizable to your requirements)

 “Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” – Katie Reed.
Mental wellness is not just the absence of mental illness, but the attainment of happiness and well-being. To create positive change in your mental world and to enhance your mental well-being, you need to start by looking within; tuning into your body, your breath and your mind, in order to get your inside right. If you are calm and happy inside, your outside world will fall into place. This is a journey in holistic self-care.

Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Our Beautiful Mind – Our Troubled Mind
  • Self-Care: How Full is Your Cup?
  • Discovering Your 3 Best Friends
  • Tending to Your Mind
  • Dealing with Triggers
  • Your Body: A Gift of Nature
  • Uncovering Your Values
  • Listening to Your Heart
  • Self-Discovery & Transformation
  • Finding Inner Joy & Happiness

Others Care 101: Empathic Communication

Duration: 60-120 min (customizable to your requirements)

Human relationships are fundamentally about communication and connection. The purpose of communication is to create a common understanding through sharing and to coordinate actions. It involves good listening skills, questioning skills, and creating skilful conversations.

Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • How Listening Helps?
  • The Human Need to be Heard
  • Identifying Feelings
  • The Art of Deep Listening
  • Asking Learning Questions
  • Skillful Conversations
  • Building Trust thru P.A.R.T.

Psychological First Aid 101

Duration: 60-90 min (customizable to your requirements)

We all go through a crisis in life, at one time or another. The objective of this workshop is to provide the foundational skills to support others in the aftermath of a Crisis Event, in this case, crisis of mental health.

Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Approach a crisis or post crisis situation safely, for yourself and others;
  • Say, listen and do the most supportive things for distressed people; and
  • NOT cause further harm by your actions.

Elective Modules

The Art & Science of Happiness

Duration: 60-90 min (customizable to your requirements)

Happiness is one of life’s most important questions. Every person on this planet wants to be happy – there are no exceptions. Happiness is the cause of good things in life, the source of wellbeing. Happy people are healthier, and live longer. They love more and fear less, and are more positive and optimistic about life. Happiness is not just good mood, it’s preventive medicine! So why haven’t more doctors prescribed happiness as a preventive medicine or treatment for a health condition? And what might we all do to become more happy?

Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Happiness: Life’s Most Important Questions
  • Common Questions About Happiness 
  • The Happiness Equation
  • Tending to the Garden of Your Mind
  • The Science of Happiness & Human Fulfillment
  • Making Happiness a Habit

The Power of Mindfulness

Duration: 60-120 min (customizable to your requirements)

Mindfulness refers to the feeling of a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, physical sensations, and environment. It’s a practice that can help us learn to regulate emotions and decrease stress and anxiety. It’s a state of mind. When you’re mindful, you’re not “stuck in your head” or “lost in your thoughts.” You’re focused on the moment at hand, without all the chatter and concern for the future or the past.&nbsp

By integrating mindfulness into your daily practices – it can help you develop an extraordinarily capable mind that is profoundly peaceful, happy, and compassionate. With mindfulness you can apply your whole heart and mind to your choice making, with present-moment awareness – with calm, clarity, and compassion that is reflective of your highest self and your deepest truth. You can better succeed in life and at work, gain deeper awareness of your own emotions and that of others, listen better, be calmer and happier, improve concentration and creativity, enhance self-confidence, empathy and social skills. 

Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Human Brain – the 3-Pound Universe
  • Why Mindfulness? What is Mindfulness
  • Developing Self-Awareness, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with Triggers
  • Making Your ‘Presence’ Known
  • The Science of Mindfulness
  • Mindful Living & The Pursuit of Happiness

HeartMath for Healing & Wellbeing

Duration: 45-60 min (customizable to your requirements)

HeartMath is a scientifically based system that aims to promote emotional well-being and enhance resilience through the power of the heart. It combines research, technology, and practical techniques to help individuals manage stress, improve mental clarity, and foster emotional balance. At the core of HeartMath is the understanding that the heart has its own intelligence and can significantly influence our overall well-being. 

HeartMath® techniques involve focusing attention on the heart and cultivating uplifting emotions like appreciation and compassion. By synchronizing the heart’s rhythm with the breath, individuals can enter a state called “”coherence,”” characterized by increased physiological balance and harmony.

Studies show that practicing HeartMath® techniques has numerous benefits, such as reducing anxiety, improving cognitive performance, enhancing emotional stability, and fostering greater resilience in the face of life’s challenges. It empowers individuals to harness the power of their hearts to achieve greater emotional well-being and overall vitality.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn two HeartMath Techniques to create more ease and inner calm in your life, have more energy and more appreciation for yourself and others. ” “Antoinette Biehlmeier is a holistic health professional with over 20 years of experience.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga

Duration: 30-45 min (customizable to your requirements)

Laughter Yoga is a fun exercise that combines deliberate laughter with movement and breathing to cultivate joy and to bring out our inner child. Laughing can provide many immediate benefits by:

  • Releasing endorphins and happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin, they lift our mood and reduce stress
  • Relieving pain, lowering blood pressure and strengthening the immune system
  • Laughing with other people can also increase social connectedness and bonding
  • As we grow older we tend to laugh less because we have somewhat lost our sense of humour. Little things that used to make us shriek with laughter are no longer funny.

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Duration: 60-90 min (customizable to your requirements)

Stress can be one of the most harmful things in our lives. It affects our well-being on so many levels. Chronic stress if left unattended is a major contributing factor to many chronic diseases in modern society, diseases of both the body and the mind: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, and depression. 90% of Asian workers report high levels of stress in an “always-on” culture. Stress and burnout are risk factors that account for 10-20% of chronic illnesses in the world’s fastest growing economies. Burnout and chronic stress costs companies up to US$190 billion in healthcare costs annually according to Harvard. Across Asia, long working hours and social stigma against mental illnesses exacerbates an already difficult health challenges. This is an epidemic that needs to addressed at its source.

Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Introduction to stress and possible sources of stress
  • Recognise stress-related symptoms 
  • Learn stress-busting strategies and tools
Music in Motion

Music in Motion

Have the opportunity to understand the connection of music to the body in a safe environment, explore the power of music and movement as self-expression and for healing.

The power of music in shifting and feeling emotions, how it can synthesize different cultures/beliefs/religions into a common language.

Open Canvas

Duration: 60-120 min (customizable to your requirements)

Everyone wants to be happy, to love, to be loved, to connect, to create. And when we create something with our heart that reflects our inner yearnings – our soul finds creative fulfillment. Creativity expressed via an open canvas via artistic expressions in a safe space together opens the door to our heart and mind – helps connect to ourselves and to others – using colors and shape – shaped by our hope and our dreams – fueled by the imagination.

Open Canvas
Sound Bath

Sound Bath for Relaxation, Healing & Wellbeing

Duration: 60-120 min (customizable to your requirements)

Sound is our Universal Language, predating the invention of language itself. It is also the oldest forms of healing, dating back thousands of years since the dawn of human civilisation.

Modern science has confirmed what ancient wisdom traditions have known for millenniums, that sound has the power to heal, and to transform.

Sound therapy comes in the form of pure tones or as music, and can positively affect a large array of physiological and psychological states: lowering blood pressure, slowing heartbeat and breath rate, reducing stress hormones, boosting immune response, slowing brainwaves for enhanced creativity and relaxation, increasing endorphin production, relieving pain both acute and chronic.

The natural harmonics of sound and vibrations received by our body tissues travel as energy through our nervous system and penetrate our cellular membranes. It triggers shifts, clears blockages, disrupts
cellular dis-eases, leading to an internal process that rebalances and re-harmonises our physical, mental, emotional processes, restoring a sense of calm while reducing stress, anxiety, tenseness, etc.
While mindfulness practices work at the level of the mind, sound works directly at the physiological level. They are synergistic and complementary – the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

A Sound Bath session can balance your physical, emotional and mental systems, to restore a of harmony, deepen relaxation, lower stress and anxiety, improve your mood and well-being.

Suicide Prevention 101

Duration: 60-90 min (customizable to your requirements)

The suicide rate around the world is increasing. According to World Health Organization (WHO), there is one suicide attempt every 3 seconds of the day, and everyone 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide. Events that act as triggers for suicide risk include any external events that cause significant psychological or emotional anxieties or pain, such as a crisis or a loss – happenings that creates a disequilibrium to what is ‘normalcy’.

In this workshop, we’ll identify/ understand:

  • Triggers/Common causes of suicidal behaviour
  • Facts and Myths 
  • Signs of distress/ Suicidal risks in people around us – What to look out for?
  • Approach – What to do to support
Wave of Wellness

Waves of Wellness

Duration: 60-90 min (customizable to your requirements)

Reconnect, Realign, and Revitalise the body, mind, and heart through the waves of body movement, breath work, sound healing, and expressive arts through this creative blend of wellness – gentle body releasing movements, breath work, some guided creative journaling and self awareness, intention setting, with perhaps a collective art mural at the end in gifting a positive mental affirmation – facilitated by Healing Arts Practitioner, Amanda Ling. She will guide participants through an experiential journey of the inner awareness of their well-being as they learn to manage stress and tension in their daily lives while being creatively engaged.


Leave the experience feeling grounded, energized, and empowered.

Advanced Electives

Self-Mastery 101: Change Making Inside-Out

Duration: 90-150 min (customizable to your requirements)

“To know another is intelligence; to know oneself is true wisdom. To master others is strength; to master oneself is true power.” Lao Tzu sums up the secret to a meaningful life in these 4 simple words — “Know thyself; the Master thyself.”

The quest for excellence begins with an inner quest to discover who we are — our passions, values, talents, personal resources, strengths and limitations. The insight that comes from self-awareness will help you appreciate the unique gifts you have to offer your organization and the world, and the importance of surrounding yourself with others who complement your unique skill set and personality.  It involves an ongoing assessment of our assumptions, beliefs, values, and mental models that shape our behaviour and guide our actions both at work and in our personal lives. The goal of such self reflections is not merely to see who we are and better understand ourselves today, but to envision what we might become tomorrow. It is a life-long process — a journey of self-discovery, meaning making, and identity shaping. It is the journey in self-mastery. It’s about developing the disposition of life-long learning and self-transformation. It means becoming fully aware of what you really want in all areas of your life and being able to invent new possibilities to unleash your passions. It is about taking charge of your life and taking responsibility for your choices. 

Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Getting Started on The Journey 
  • Know Thyself: It Begins with Self-Awareness
  • Your Value Canvas
  • Designing Your Life Purpose
  • Self-Care: How Full is Your Cup?
  • Tending to Your Mind: Harnessing The Power of Mindfulness
  • Opening Your Heart Space
  • The 3As of Self-Mastery
  • Self-Acceptance: Opening the Door 
  • Self-Discovery & Transformation
  • Self-Actualization: Your Hero’s Journey
  • Becoming Your Best Self

Mind Matters: A Personal Journey

Duration: 60 min

In this Wellbeing Champion series and inspirational talk by Yen-Lu Chow, Executive Chairman of WholeTree Limited, traces his journey as a scientist & engineer, Apple Distinguished Technologist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist & angel investor, mentor & advisor to start-ups and government – to become a mental wellbeing champion, a social innovator, philanthropist & humanist, and seeker of truth. He shares the three defining moments of his life, his inspirations, successes and failures, lessons learned along the way, his own “awakening” – how he (and wife Yee Ling) were able to turn their heart-shattering family tragedy into a gift and movement to change the world for the better by planting more seeds of happiness, healing, transformation, and wellbeing in others and the world.

Future-Proof via Deep Human Technologies 

Duration60 min

The invention of the steam engine kicked off the 1st Industrial Revolution, the advent of the modern manufacturing assembly line powered by electrification of energy led to the 2nd Industrial Revolution, the discovery of the silicon transistor and microprocessor ushered in the 3rd Industrial Revolution. We are now in the 4th Industrial Revolution – with robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and related disruptive technologies. We have Siri, self-driving cars, chat-bots, machines that can best human world champions in the game of chess, the game of Jeopardy, the ancient game of go, and even poker, perform language translation, understand human language, write music, paint, assist in drug discovery, perform simple disease diagnosis, and even detect cancerous cells. There’s virtually no limit on how “smart” computers can become. As they become exponentially more intelligent, machines will take over an ever-increasing number of the tasks that humans do. The implications of this exponential future for individuals, for society, and for all human endeavors as we know them will be highly disruptive, truly transformative, and earth shaking – and one that is unmatched in human history. 

Reawakening The Deep Human Within

Duration: 60 min

Going back millennia, Earth used to be inhabited by both men and God. Our ancestors (in the East and Near East) who had great wisdom practiced self-cultivation and inner wisdom as a way of life. The modern-day watered down version is called self-care, mindfulness, etc. We need to spend time every day in self-cultivation and inner work. This needs to be an urgent priority to help us achieve inner peace, calm and being centered, a greater sense of wellbeing, creativity and vitality, a clear and urgent priority as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and where humanity faces an existential crisis not just from the encroachment of AI in every aspect of our life, but from the increasing deep disconnects we have with our environment, with each other, and with ourselves.

Deep Human is *not* a set of skills or anything like that, but a way of being that connects us back to the Source and brings us closer to the deeper humanity that we all aspire (and need) to be – to create a kindler, gentler, more inclusive, more just and sustainable world for all. It is reinventing humanity as we know it. Deep Human is the answer to the question: what is the cause – the source – of happiness, health, wellbeing and creativity? Where does creativity and vitality come from? How can I live a happier, healthier and more abundant life?