Be a Wellbeing Champion!

Leading the movement

The Purpose

Promote Community Wellbeing

Promote community wellbeing and cultivate a community of wellbeing practitioners through various OTR activities including charity walks, wellbeing champion workshops and festivals, Wellbeing 2.0 Conference, plus other events and activities while raising funds to sustain and scale the programs and services that we run that benefit thousands of youths and their families.  

The Vision

A Community of Wellbeing Champions

Our vision is to have a community of 10,000 practicing Wellbeing Champions — at home, in the school, out in the community or in the workplace — aligning them in the ecosystem of mental healthcare that is the Circle-of-Care. 

Since launching in October 2012, OTR has been a leader, pioneer and trailblazer in the space of youth mental wellness – innovating and pushing the mental health envelope with countless initiatives, programs and services. We have championed prevention and preemption over clinical intervention with innovations such as Holistic Self-Care, Circle-of-Care, Guardian Angels, Wellness Space, Mental Wellness Festivals, Circle-of-ConneXion, OTR Listens, etc, and where innovation is the engine and constant driver to create positive change. Prevention, preemption and early intervention is where the battle for youth mental health and community wellbeing can be won. 

Your Support Needed

We are actively seeking corporates, family foundations and private donors for support on this journey to co-create community mental wellbeing. Your donation support can make a world of difference to so many youths, families, and the community at large.


$1,000: Supports 10 Youth Counselling Sessions
$2,000: Supports Circle-of-ConneXion (for 6 months)
$5,000: Supports 5 School Outreach Programs
$8,000: Supports OTR Listens Chatline for one month
$10,000: Supports Wellbeing Champion Programs (for one year)

Every dollar you donate will make a difference!

How do I make a Donation?

Over-The-Rainbow is an initiative under WholeTree Limited which is an Institution of Public Character (IPC). All monetary donations (individual or corporate) can enjoy tax deduction of 2.5 times the qualifying donation amount.

You can donate via PayNow: WholeTree Limited (UEN No. 201022300R) or scan the QR code below.

You can also donate via bank transfer: DBS Account Number: 1079005896

For 2.5x tax deduction, please reference:

  • Your NRIC for individual donation
  • UEN for corporate donation
The tax relief benefit will be automatically effected in your tax assessment if you have given your NRIC/UEN.

Your Donation goes to support the following Programs & Services

Community Outreach

Bringing awareness, empowerment and mental wellness benefits to schools, the workplace and the larger community.

OTR Listens

Our safe, anonymous chat platform for emotional support, manned by trained volunteers.

Circle of Connexion

Mental health and self-care self-help group by Over The Rainbow volunteers. A safe space to share your thoughts.

Our flagship training program to empower a community of wellbeing champions as role models who take responsibility for own mental wellbeing— and as a wellness guide for others—at home, in the school, in the workplace, or out in the community.

Rainbow Connection

Free annual publication on mental health and well-being, featuring individual anecdotes and expert insights.

Th!nk x Rainbow

Our youth counselling service providing quality psychotherapy and counselling support for youths and families that is timely and affordable.

If you have any queries, please drop us a message at