On Becoming an OTR Volunteer

 At OTR, we believe that everything begins with the self. With training in self-care, mindfulness, active listening and empathic communication plus related skills, volunteers are being equipped to embark on their own mental wellness journey, while being empowered to help others on their journey as well. Some of the training we conduct include:

  • Self-Care 101
  • The Power of Mindfulness
  • Active Listening & Empathic Communication
  • Basic Mentoring & Coaching
  • Basic Counselling 
  • Mental Health First Aid 101
  • Group Art Jam for Self Expression & Team Bonding
volunteer - training 1
Mental Health First Aid 101
volunteer - training 2
Basic Mentoring & Coaching
volunteer - ecounseling
Guardian Angel Training: e-Counseling

Volunteers will have opportunities to help the cause by engaging with visitors at roadshows, providing assistance at training classes and other events, and also work with our community partners on collaborative projects.

volunteer - mfac 2017b
volunteer - mfac 2017a
volunteer - smu mental health week

Our volunteers manning our booths at Music For A Cause 2017 and SMU Mental Health Week

In addition, volunteers who decide to take on the role of a Guardian Angel will be introduced to our Circle-Of-Care and Guardian Angels system as well as e-counseling, and effective seeker engagement. Our Guardian Angels provide support and co-journey with our Wellness Seekers on the OTR Circle-Of-Care. Seekers will also have the opportunity to give back to the community through participation and volunteering. They can become Guardian Angels themselves – with proper training and qualification from Over-The-Rainbow.

Together we can make a difference!