The Next Step For US- Parenting and Mental Wellbeing Fireside Chat

Jointly organised by Mental Health Collective SG and Over The Rainbow, Parenting and Mental Wellbeing Fireside Chat on 28 Nov 2021 was part of The Next Step For Us: Mental Health Conference. Mental Health Collective SG is a ground-up initiative that aims to centralise and collate service/advocacy efforts in the Singapore mental health scene. The […]

Things Happy People Do (Differently)

1. LOVE vs. FEAR Those who are really happy, FEAR less and LOVE a lot more. They see each moment, each challenge, each person as an opportunity to discover more about themselves and the world around them. 2. ACCEPTANCE vs. RESISTANCE Happy people understand that you can’t really change a situation by resisting it, but you can definitely change […]

Positive Living: Life Habits Guide

Positive Living: Life Habits Guide Developing Effective Life Habits Be pro-active in dealing with challenges in life Always begin with the end in mind Prioritize: putting first things first Think win-win: have an abundance mentality Seek first to understand, then to be understood Sharpening the saw for self-renewal Engage in continuous learning Synergize with others; […]

Holistic Self-Care for Happiness & Wellbeing

To achieve lasting happiness and optimal wellbeing toward personal self-transformation, one needs to take time on a regular basis (preferably daily) to engage in the renewal of all aspects of our nature – physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. It means taking care of ourselves, holistically, exercising all dimensions of our wellbeing, regularly and consistently in a wise and balanced […]

Self Care – What Does It Really Mean?

Often, when people are coping with difficult times, they are told by friends, family, and medical providers to “take care of yourself.” We all know that good self-care, particularly during crisis, is an important value. But I’m often told by my clients that they don’t know what that means.  Should they be taking more bubble […]

Doreen K.

Doreen, mother of four, shares with us her recent experience over the loss of her son, Evan who was only 11 years old. The following from her Facebook account has been reproduced with her kind permission. I am sharing one of my deepest secrets in hope that it could make people more aware and please […]

Interview with Shafiqah Ramani, Entrepreneur & Founder of PsychKick

An entrepreneur in the mental health industry, Shafiqah struggled with mental health issues in her youth and spent some time in a psychiatric ward. Through self-care and social support, she overcame her own challenges and is now well on her way to recovery. Today, she is also helping others through her exciting startup PsychKick. PsychKick […]

How to Unlearn Self-Stigma

The journey of recovery is tough for those dealing with mental health issues. It is made even harder by social stigma brought about by uninformed people who label a person’s symptoms as “strange”, “scary”, or as “acting out”. “There was nothing more depressing than being told that all the teachers were waiting for me to […]