To achieve lasting happiness and optimal wellbeing toward personal self-transformation, one needs to take time on a regular basis (preferably daily) to engage in the renewal of all aspects of our nature – physicalintellectualemotional, social, and spiritual. It means taking care of ourselves, holistically, exercising all dimensions of our wellbeing, regularly and consistently in a wise and balanced way.

  1. Physical: listening to your body; getting sufficient sleep, ample exercise, good nutrition, healthy dose of sunshine, daily meditation
  2. Intellectual: maintaining a sense of curiosity, an appetite for learning new things, staying hungry and foolish;
  3. Emotional: letting go of toxic emotions, cultivating positive emotions of loving-kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity, appreciation, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, contentment, and inner peace;
  4. Social: making time for family and friends, giving support to and accepting support from others, contributing to the community, volunteering for a cause you believe in; and
  5. Spiritually: living authentically – acting from your Deepest Truth, connecting to your Highest Self – knowing that we’re all connected – finding purpose, meaning, fulfillment.


Taking care of the body by:

  • Practicing good nutrition and healthy eating
  • Getting sufficient rest and relaxation
  • Exercising on a regular basis
  • Engage in daily meditation to create an inner space
  • Getting a dose of sunlight every day
  • Limiting alcohol and avoiding cigarettes and other drugs


  • Keeping an active mind
  • Engaging in continuing education and learning
  • Finding time to do a hobby which engages our mind
  • Picking up new skills
  • Reading broadly and getting exposure to great minds, good literature and to a variety of subjects
  • Traveling to distant lands to expand our cultural awareness and our sense of self
  • Writing a journal to reflect on one’s daily experience
  • Organizing and planning out purposeful activities for the week


  • Identifying and dealing constructively with mood
  • Recognizing and managing your own emotions
  • Cultivating a sense of contentment and positive outlook in life
  • Being proactive in dealing with life’s challenges, focusing on the circle of influence of which you have control
  • Relinquishing the need for external approval
  • Don’t judge others, and don’t judge yourself
  • Removing toxins from daily life: food, thoughts, emotions, environment, relationships
  • Keeping your promises
  • Smiling often, radiating positive energy
  • Engaging in meaningful, creative work


  • Making time for family and friends; communicate with empathy
  • Sharing your problem with others who have had similar experiences
  • Giving support to others and accept support from others
  • Always looking for a point of agreement rather than differences
  • Treating others with respect
  • Exercising patience with others
  • Always saying please and thank you
  • Be friendly and caring
  • Assuming the best of others
  • Seeing others not as they are, but as they can be
  • To listen more than speak; be a world-class listener
  • To give more than to take
  • Do volunteer work


  • Embrace silence and spend time on daily meditations
  • Practice mindful awareness by living in the present moment
  • Know yourself and your values by engaging in daily self-reflection
  • Find a role model; discover the heroes and heroines within you, create your own heroic story of life and participate consciously in the writing of that next chapter
  • Take time out every day to express appreciation and gratitude for what you have
  • Immersion in great literature, art or music
  • Frequent communion with nature
  • Reading and reflecting on spiritual scriptures and inspirational work
  • Develop a personal life mission statement and regularly renew your commitment to it
  • Perform anonymous service
  • Replace fear-based thinking with love-based thinking
  • Practice the timeless wisdoms of nonviolence, truthfulness, honesty, and generosity
  • Commit to the spiritual life by practicing loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity, with the integrity of thought, word, and action
  • Live a life of mindful awareness and expanded consciousness, by shifting the internal reference of the self from skin-encapsulated ego to the expanded spirit, elevating our awareness of the relationship between ourselves, our world, and the Universe
  • Get in touch with our essential nature by consciously and regularly asking the questions of ourselves at the deepest level: Who am I? What do I want?  How can I serve?
  • Strive for your highest purpose by following your heart, pursuing your most cherished dreams, and finding fulfillment for your deepest aspirations and desires.