About This Workshop

Take a step forward to embark on your new journey together with the seeds that you planted. Set a time for reflection, self discovery & growth with your plant. This activity consist of a progress guide that will help take your experience beyond the workshop.

  • Self Discovery for Growth
  • Practice of Reflection
  • Learn New Mindful Practice Tool

What you will need

  • Seeds of choice (e.g. flowers seeds like Sunflower or sprouts like green beans are suitable for beginners)
  • Soil or Cotton Wools (enough to fill your planting pot of choice
  • Planting Pot or empty Plastic bottle (cut in half and using the bottom)
  • Water
  • Access to Zoom
  • Working Webcam

More information will be given to registered participants via email.

About the Facilitator

Presented and facilitated by the Youths of YOUth Matters.

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