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If you feel that you have already done all that you could to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, but your mood is still undermining your ability to function in your daily life, then you should seek professional help.

A few warning signs:

If you have been experiencing some of the signs described above for two weeks or more, tell someone you trust. You should also seriously consider making an appointment with a mental health professional. Qualified and experienced professionals will provide you with a wider repertoire of options and strategies than what you have on your own.

How To Get Mental Health Help

If you or someone you know has a mental health problem, there are ways to get help. Studies show that most people with mental health problems get better and many recover completely.

Get Immediate Help

People often don’t get the mental health services they need because they don’t know where to start.

SPF – 999
SCDF – 995

Samaritans of Singapore 24-hour hotline at 1800-221 4444

SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) is the only suicide prevention centre in Singapore. It is a secular non-profit organisation which provides 24-hour confidential emotional support to people who have difficulty coping during a crisis, who are thinking of suicide or affected by suicide.

A crisis can hit anyone at any time. The sense of hopelessness and despair at the height of a crisis can cause people to contemplate suicide as a way to escape their emotional pain.

However, people can and do recover from this difficult period, especially when there is strong support from the people around them. Some people may also need professional support to help them through a crisis.

If YOU are in some form of crisis or feeling suicidal, then contact someone and let them know about it.

If someone you know is going through a hard time, do know that you are already helping just by being there for the person! Find out more about helping someone in crisis.

Community Facilities

For Children

For Youths

For Young Adults aged 30 & below

For the Mandarin-Speaking

Mental Health Organisations

Mental Health Initiatives

Clinics and Mental Health Facilities


Child Guidance Clinic (CGC)
Offers mental health and educational services for children and youths up to 19 years of age. Most patients are experiencing emotional and behavioural problems requiring professional intervention, not mental illnesses.


Child Guidance Clinic (CGC), Health Promotion Board (HPB)
Second Hospital Avenue, #03-01, Singapore 168937
Tel: 6389 2220
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am–5pm

Sunrise Wing, Child Guidance Clinic (CGC)
Buangkok Green Medical Park (BGMP)
Block 3, Basement 10, Buangkok View, Singapore 539747
Tel: 6389 2220
Hours: Mon-Thu, 8am–5:30pm; Fri, 8am-5pm 

National Healthcare Group Polyclinics:

Singhealth Polyclinics:


Adam Road Medical Centre
A private psychiatric clinic with a professional staff (psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counsellors) offering outpatient evaluation and treatment services for emotional distress and mental illnesses.

559 Bukit Timah Road, #01-02, King’s Arcade, Singapore 269695.
Tel (General): 6466 7777
Tel (24hr/Emergency): 6887 3737
Email :

Changi General Hospital
Department of Psychological Medicine
Offers inpatient and outpatient psychological and psychiatric treatments with a multi-disciplinary team (psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, medical social workers, and occupational therapists).

Changi General Hospital
2 Simei Street 3, Singapore 529889
Tel (General): 6788 8833
Tel (Appointments): 6850 3333 (Mon-Fri: 8:30am-8pm; Sat-Sun: 8:30am-12:30pm; PH: Closed) or go to:

Institute of Mental Health
Provides diverse and comprehensive inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services for children/adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

Buangkok Green Medical Park
10 Buangkok View
Singapore 539747
Tel (General): 6389 2000
Tel (24hr/Emergency): 6389 2222
Tel (Appointments): 6389 2200
Or contact:

National University Hospital
Department of Psychological Medicine, Psychiatry Clinic

Provides a full range of inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services for individuals suffering from various mental illnesses of all age groups with a multidisciplinary team: medical and surgical professionals, occupational therapists, medical social workers, case managers, psychologists, and counsellors.

Neuroscience Clinic
Kent Ridge Wing, Level 4 National University Hospital 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119074 Tel (for more information and appointments): 6772 2002

Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Department of Psychological Medicine

Offers psychiatric services for diverse individuals with mental illnesses.

11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Singapore 308433
Tel (General): 6256 6011 or email:
Tel (Appointments): 6357 7000/6357 8000 (for non-subsidised appointments) or email:

Request for an appointment: