Passionate about mental wellbeing?
We always welcome schools, corporates and other organisations who share our vision.
Check out how to work with us below.

There are different ways you can contribute to the cause: volunteering your time and talent, or making a monetary donation (to WholeTree Limited). 100% of the donations go into staffing and the programs. As WholeTree Limited has now been awarded the IPC (Institute of Public Character) status, all monetary donations (individual or corporate) can now enjoy tax deductions of 2.5 times the qualifying donation amount.

Find out more about qualifying tax deduction benefits here.

Partner with Us

We are happy to partner with organisations who share our goals and values.

Join the Fight

Without our volunteers, much of the work Over-The-Rainbow does would not have been possible. We are appreciative and grateful for the many supporters who donate time and talent toward our mission.

Make a Donation

Our work is in raising awareness to make mental wellness a life priority.

Your donation will help us continue this important work to transform the lives of many people.

Make a Pledge

Instead of making a donation, you can purchase products and services we partner with. A percentage of the profit will be donated to Over-The-Rainbow.

How to Partner with Over-The-Rainbow

For Non-Profits and Organisations within the Health and Wellness Space

We have worked with various non-profits and organisations who share the same vision. If you would like to join us in promoting mental well-being, there are typically a few ways we can work together:

  • Cross promotion of our initiatives to reach a wider audience
  • Content creation (contribute a guest article, for example)
  • Webinars and workshops for your organisation


Some of our community partners:

Interested in partnering with us? Contact us at

For Corporates and Other Organisations

Here are some ways we can bring mental wellbeing to your workplace:

  • Speak at your event
  • Dedicated workshops/webinars on Self-Care, Psychological First-Aid, Empathetic Listening, etc. for your business. Check out our Wellbeing Champion Series.
  • Social media collaboration

Corporate partners we’ve worked with:

Want to partner with Over-The-Rainbow? Contact us at

For Schools and Youth Organisations

We’ve worked with several schools and youth organisations to bring mental health and wellbeing to the campus.

Here are some ways we have collaborated with various schools:

  • Mental Wellbeing Champion Program: a 4-module program to teach youths essential skills to promote self-care, others’ care and mental wellbeing.
  • Webinars and workshops for youths
  • Volunteer programs

We’ve worked with:

Want to bring mental wellbeing to your school? Contact us at