Performance Highlights

Over-The-Rainbow is proud to feature these talents performing live at our gala evening

Joyeux Strings of Leemusicstudio 

“Joyeux Strings are made of members who are 10-17 years old including two teachers. The word Joyeux, is French for cheerful, lively and we enjoy coming together to play music as we hope it will bring joy to the people around us 🙂 Our belief is that music has the power to uplift, enlighten, heal the soul and bring people together.

We are supportive of Over The Rainbow as we think that mental wellness is paramount in anyone’s lives and more particularly in the youth these days as they are learning to express their emotions and find their own place in society. Life is so much more than getting good grades and meeting their parent’s expectations. Some of them might even come from backgrounds where it is challenging for them to express their thoughts and be themselves. Self-care is often overlooked especially in a society where it is results driven and there is a lot of peer pressure.

We are in awe and full support of OTR’s mission and vision and would like to thank the donors who have supported the organisation throughout the years.”

                                                                                                                                     Visit Leemusicstudio website

Singapore Performing Arts Academy “SINGacademy” is the latest venture succeeding the renowned Kids Performing Academy of the Arts (2004-2018) and Académie of Stars (2018-2020). The evening will feature two youths from the academy – Emily Ho and Loïc Lastennet.

“You will be found” awareness and tribute music video on youth mental health was officially released at Over The Rainbow’s mental wellness festival in 2020.

SINGacademy focus is on nurturing Singapore’s next generation of performing arts luminaries, fostering growth through comprehensive educational and performance opportunities on a global scale. With a strong emphasis on international exposure, SINGacademy offers a diverse range of programs, granting students access to esteemed certifications, immersive experiences in prestigious West End and New York settings, and invaluable guidance from industry practitioners.

Their ultimate aim is to equip and empower young talents with the craft of performing arts, propelling them to the forefront of the international stage.

Visit SINGacademy website

Ethan Seow, Bass

Ethan is an established jazz and Latin bassist who has performed internationally across Asia, Europe and Australia. He is the resident bassist for Havana Social Club, Asia’s top Latin band, and Tropic Green, Singapore’s leading original big band.

In a parallel world, he has similar success with over 11 years in entrepreneurship, training and education. He co-founded and is the CEO of Centre for Cybersecurity – a Singapore-based cybersecurity training organization, building a new generation of information security practitioners. They have successfully converted more than 60 people into a career in cybersecurity in 2 years with more than 200 students (many are still in training).

Ethan is also an ISACA Singapore’s 2023 Infosec Leader, ISC2 2023 APAC Rising Star Professional in Cybersecurity, TEDx and Black Hat Asia speaker, educator and culture hacker.

Connect with Ethan on Linkedin

“Thanks Ethan for bringing the band together for this gala!” – OTR

Norman Seck, Keyboard

Norman is the founder of Elegant Swing since 2009, a premiere jazz entertainment events company in Singapore. He has organized and performed for corporate clients over the past two decades. Norman graduated from Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) and, holds an MBA from UNSW (Sydney, Australia).

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Benjamin low, Drums

Benjamin was a participant in the inaugural Mosaic Jazz Fellows mentorship program (formerly known as the Bright Young Things mentorship program) at the Esplanade in 2010, under the tutelage of renowned local musicians – Andrew Lim, Soh Wen Ming, Ramu Thiruyanam, Joshua Wan, and NYC-based bassist Andrew Klein! Since then he has made a name for himself as a versatile, creative, and expressive drummer primarily affiliated with jazz operating in and around his native Singapore. 

Spontaneous, nuanced, and grounded by a keen sensitivity to the moment, Benjamin’s playing is best experienced live. He is best known for his performances on live albums such as Diego Maroto Asian Trio (2013) – an album released to critical acclaim in Mexico which resulted in tours of Japan and Mexico – as well as Bar One (2018) – a Goethe Institut-endorsed album featuring saxophone maestro Tony Lakatos, Malaysian pianist John Dip Silas, and Rotterdam-based bassist Jonathan Ho.

Tanya Sen, Vocals

Soprano Tanya, is a private equity investment professional and award-winning vocalist who sings opera, jazz, and musical theatre in 10 European and Asian languages. She has performed as a solo recitalist and has directed musical productions across Singapore, UK, India, UAE & USA. She has been a member of ensembles of various styles such as “The Oxford Gargoyles” jazz a-capella, “Scherzo” opera collective, and classic rock band “Polar Vortex”.

Tanya received classical training while a student at Oxford and at Wharton, and also trained in Florence at the Bel Canto Institute. She also enjoys playing the guitar, keys and acting in theatrical productions. Her music is on various platforms – Instagram @sen.tanya, Youtube @singersen, Spotify, and upcoming performances are on her website:

Reggie, Vocals

Reggie Pryor is a CIO of a family office, viticulture & enology educator, and jazz crooner – active in both Singapore and Indonesia music scene. In the end-2020, he launched his debut album “Love Anthology” – a collection of well-loved iconic standards. This is followed by an EP in 2022 titled “Out of the Box” – a series of original songs inspired by humanity’s collective experience arising from the recent pandemic. 

You can find Reggie’s music on all online music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Connect with him on Instagram @ReggiePryorMusic.

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