Every thought we think is creating our future

These wise words from Louise L. Hay have transformed numerous lives over the past few decades.

One of the pioneers of the self-help movement, Hay built her philosophy of love and affirmative thinking by drawing from her own powerful experiences. 

Her Story

Louise L. Hay did not have it easy growing up. At the tender age of five, she was raped by her neighbor and bore violent abuse from her stepfather throughout childhood. She was subsequently diagnosed with cervical cancer-– a tragedy she attributed to clinging onto her gritty past.

Rejecting conventional treatment, she opted for what she termed a “regime of forgiveness”, choosing to let go of resentment for her childhood rapist and abusers. This alternative therapy was what had helped get rid of the cancer, she asserted in an interview with The New York Times.

In the late 1970s, based on her own challenging journey, Hay began piecing together what would become her famous list – an inventory of over 400 ailments and their “probable” mind-related causes, each paired with a positive affirmation for readers to administer self-healing on the spot. For example, the likely causes listed for depression were “anger and hopelessness” and the recommended affirmation was “I now go beyond other people’s fear and limitations. I create my own life.”

How to Love Yourself

Hay’s philosophy of positive affirmation encompasses thoughts  such as:

  • Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives” – Learning to be truly happy with the self by being kind and deliberately eliminating negative thinking has a healing effect; we naturally attract others and things start to fall into place.
  • The point of power is always in the present moment” – Finding closure for past events and embracing forgiveness will make it easier to live fully in the present, helping with decision-making that can have impact on physical health.
  • We are each responsible for all of our experiences” – While the past cannot be controlled, people retain the power to make choices for future change – power that is lost if others are blamed for undesirable circumstances.

A Lifetime of Work

 Hay’s ideas have received some criticism saying they are oversimplified and potentially damaging in stating that people are responsible for their illnesses.

But they have also sparked millions of healing journeys. Her book “You can Heal Your Life” has sold more than 35 million copies. Now, at 90 years of age, Hay continues to spread her special brand of wellness, healing, and positivity using technology. Samples of her affirmations and meditative podcasts can be found on her website louisehay.com, and on iTunes.