Our Story

A family tragedy in 2009 became the catalyst for the initiative that is Over-The-Rainbow. This is the story of how the grieving parents turned their loss into championing an important cause.

The genesis of Over-The-Rainbow first came about in 2010 as an initiative of WholeTree Limited (formerly known as WholeTree Foundation Limited, and LHC Foundation for Youth Wellness Limited), the family foundation of Yen-Lu and Yee Ling Chow, in loving memory of their dear son Lawrance H. Chow, whose life was abruptly cut short on 22nd October 2009 at a youthful age of 26 after suffering for many years from manic-depression.

The mission of WholeTree Limited is to identify, initiate, partner worthwhile social innovation projects to effect positive transformations in areas of youth and human wellness, including health and education, on a global scale. We wish to orchestrate a holistic and socially conscious approach to creating awareness and catalyzing sustainable solutions to society’s most challenging problems as they relate to youth and human wellness.

Our Mission

To transform mental wellness for the 21st century, by:

  • Propelling mental wellness to the top of life’s priorities;
  • Creating a community based on the timeless wisdoms of love, compassion, truth, harmony, generosity, joy and service;
  • Empowering young people on their mental wellness journey via holistic self care and a supportive community – to overcome life challenges, live life with purpose and passion, and fulfil their life potential as human beings.
Our Vision

We envision a world where mental wellness is a top life priority, and where every young person is given the opportunity to realize their full potential via the journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation, to achieve true happiness and optimal wellbeing.

Let our founder, Yen-Lu Chow
tell you more about Over-The-Rainbow in his TEDx talk.
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Our Song
Stay Sensitive

Remember when you cried
The pain you felt inside
The struggle to survive
Cause it gets hard sometimes

Hours spent alone
No one calls your phone
You stare into space
A thought you can’t erase

People love you more than you know
People love you more than they show
Feel your feet firm on the ground
Look to the stars they’re all around

Stay sensitive – the light in me sees the light in you
Stay sensitive – when all is said and done you’re going to be the one
Stay sensitive – no matter what tomorrow brings we’re right here to help you sing
Stay sensitive – you owe it to your future self to stay alive

Because you shine oh so brightly as the whole wide world sees you
You must go on
It could take a lifetime but remember what I say is true

Stay sensitive – the light in me sees the light in you
Stay sensitive
Stay stay stay stay sensitive
Stay sensitive
There’s a light in you to help you see the truth

India – stay sensitive
Lithuania – stay sensitive
Kazakhstan – stay sensitive
Belarus – stay sensitive
Germany & France – stay sensitive
Russia & China
Australia – stay sensitive
Japan & Uganda – stay sensitive
Stay Sensitive
Argentina, France, Ireland & Chile – stay sensitive
Singapore and all around the world – stay sensitive

Stay sensitive – the light in me (there’s a light in you) sees the light in you
Stay sensitive – no matter what tomorrow brings we’re right here to help you sing
Stay Sensitive
Stay stay stay stay sensitive

Mo Pleasure
Corinne Gibbons
Donnell Spencer Jr.

Featured Musicians:
Sam Sims – Bass
Skip Dorsey – Guitar
Donnell Spencer Jr. – Drums
Mo Pleasure – Keyboards, Piano & Beatboxing
Corinne Gibbons – Vocals
Sarah Belkner – Backing Vocals

Richie Belkner – Engineer
Leonard Soosay – Mixing
Studio – Free Energy Device Studios

Video Production:
Christina Rowatt – Director & Editor

Special Thanks To:
Neal Sutherland, Free Energy Device Studios
Marc White

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Our Partners

It takes a village to realise our mission. Our work would not have been possible without the support of these partners from the community. 

Media Features

A selection of major events in the history of Over-The-Rainbow and our associates. Get the latest updates and news here as we make new inroads into the mental health circle.

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