What we do

Youth Matters

Our initiative to empower youths, especially youths-at-risk, in building mental resilience.

OTR Listens

Our safe, anonymous chat platform for emotional support, manned by trained volunteers.

Circle of Connexion

Mental health and self-care self-help group by Over The Rainbow volunteers. A safe space to share your thoughts.

4-module course to become a well-being champion: Mental Health 101, Self-care 101, Psychological First Aid & more.

Rainbow Connection

Free annual publication on mental health and well-being, featuring individual anecdotes and expert insights.

Th!nk x Rainbow

Partnership with Think Psychological Services to provide psychotherapy support for youths at highly subsidised rates.

Our Mission

Transform youth mental wellness for the 21st century.

We envision a world where mental illness is no longer stigmatised, where mental wellness is a life priority, and where every young person has the opportunity to realise their full potential through the journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation.

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Let our founder, Yen-Lu Chow
tell you more about Over-The-Rainbow in his TEDx talk.
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Mental Well-being and Self-Care Tips

The Pursuit of Happiness

Letter from the Founders – Rainbow Connection 2022 Issue One By Yen-Lu Chow Welcome to Issue One 2022 of Rainbow Connection. Time waits for no

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Cognitive Restructuring

Understanding Negative Thinking Depressed people engage in negative thinking: they tend to perceive themselves, others, and life circumstances, in a negative light. As a result,

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Life-Coping Skills

According to research, our ability to cope with challenging life situations is learned. There are many things we can do to help us to improve

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