Our efforts are supported by the people we work with. Past project partners have included government agencies, neighbourhood-based organisations, educational institutions, civil society groups and other social enterprises.

Very often, our partners approach us when looking for ways to meaningfully engage youths in increasing mental wellness, or to find meaningful, sustainable ways of cultivating holistic self-care. Check out our past work.

Interested to partner Over-The-Rainbow on a project?


Since 2012, we have forged close working relationships with various partners in the community.

To maximise our efforts in promoting mental wellness,
we continue to form new collaborations.


Campus PSY (Peer Support for Youths) is a ground-up social movement to promote mental health awareness and support youths in the tertiary institutions!
National Youth Council Singapore
Silver Ribbon (Singapore)
Youth Corps Singapore provides the breadth and depth of volunteering opportunities for youths through ad-hoc, regular and project-based service projects, with a focus on reaching out to causes such as education, environment, health, special needs, arts, sports and heritage.