Doreen K.

Doreen, mother of four, shares with us her recent experience over the loss of her son, Evan who was only 11 years old. The following from her Facebook account has been reproduced with her kind permission. I am sharing one of my deepest secrets in hope that it could make people more aware and please … Read more

Wan Ting

If you have met me, you wouldn’t imagine me to be an angry person. If you took the time, and have known me, you might have found out that I might be a little short-tempered, a little stubborn, but would have never imagined me as an angry person. I turn 25 this year in September … Read more

Xun An

Twenty-three year old Chia Xun An talks to The Rainbow Connection about his decade-long battle with mental illness. How do you know if you have depression? (mood problems)For me, I know that I am starting to suffer from the symptoms of depression when my mind starts feeling heavy and I start to process things more … Read more